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When history dramatically unfolds

During Summertime, (end of June to mid August), we offer a wide range of activities for our visitors, both young and old. Visit all the museums and shops, go for a ride in a horse-drawn  carriage, try traditional crafts, meet our street actors, see then blacksmith at work and much more. Activities take place in the town quarters and at Valla farm.

At our play and learn areas Bryggaregården, Barnens bod, the school museum and the rope-making plant, there activities specially suitable for children and families. For instance, you can play storekeeper, make things in our carpenter’s shop, help the rope-maker make rope, wash and bake in Bryggaregården.

For further information about activities and opening times during Summertime, get a free map at our visitor centre Infomagasinet at 8 Tunnbindaregatan and several other places, or phone +46(0)13121110.




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