Cash dispenser/ATM

Unfortunately there is no cash dispenser/ATM or possibility to exchange money in the immediate proximity of Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum. It is possible to pay by credit card at many of the shops, but if you want to ride the choo-choo train, horse-drawn wagon, etc., it is recommended that you bring cash along. The nearest ATM is at the Statoil gas station at Vallaplan, about 300 meters from the neighbourhood.

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Priser för guidade visningar i Friluftsmuseet Gamla Linköping

Visning av Friluftsmuseet Gamla Linköping (en timme):

Vardagar till kl 17.00:
Pris 1 700 kr/guide (en guide tar max 25 pers).
Övriga tider:
Pris 2 100 kronor/guide.

Introduktion till Friluftsmuseet Gamla Linköping (cirka 15 minuter):

Vardagar till kl 17.00:
700 kronor/guide (max 50 personer/guide)
Övriga tider: 950 kr/guide·

Visning för skolor:

700 kronor/grupp, för skolor inom Linköpings kommun.
Övriga kommuner 800 kronor/grupp
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Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum offers a large, varied assortment of events all year-round: guided tours and lectures, theatre, music, dance, children’s activities, craft fairs, gardening and architectural restoration days, a Christmas market and much more. 

For more information about specific events, please call +46 (0)13-12 11 10