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Bryggaregården - Children's Activities

Here both young and old can wtach and take part in household work from the old days, like washing, baking and cleaning the house. You can also learn more about the food that was eaten and how it tasted. Some days we also make butter, dye yarn e t c. Open daily during Summertime (end of June to middle of August). Different activties every week. Come and visit and see what is going on today! 

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Under sommaren kan du prova på gammaldags kägelspel på kägelbanan i Wärdshusets trädgård.

Ring 013-12 11 10 för mer info om tider e t c.

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dansbanan vren 2011 3. foto gl


Under sommaren (ej juli) ordnas olika typer av dans på dansbanan. Modern dans på tisdagar, gammeldans på torsdagar kl 19-21 och ibland även bugg, squaredans. linedance m m.

För mer info om aktuella danser och orkestrar, ring 013-12 11 10.